How to Keep a Smelly Odor from Developing

March 18, 2019

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Most odors are distinctive, so the source can be found and eradicated. Burnt toast, dirty socks, and paint fumes are some obnoxious examples. Toast gets feed to the birds, socks go in the hamper, and more windows are opened for added ventilation in the room being painted. There are other odors that seem to creep into a space regardless of the cleanliness.

Outside Odors

Engine fumes from the neighbor across the street who is rebuilding an old hot rod; leaves decaying in the street gutters because it has been raining for four consecutive days; or the factory on the next block that is sometimes down-wind are all unpredictable odors that invade the home space and create a sudden smelly odor that stops family members in their tracks. Sprays and candles can mask the odor or replace it with a pleasant scent, but those cannot avoid the experience for the family.

Stop Odor Before It Starts

Having scent diffusers in the home replaces odors with chosen scents as they are carried in the air. Unless a family member is seated at the entry point of the odor, it can be eliminated before it develops into an odor that lingers. Diffusers operate using different delivery systems. Some use intermittent bursts of scent while other use heat to release scents from oils or fragrance cubes.

Another delivery system used is called cold air-diffusing technology developed by Aromatech. The efficiency of this technique makes the system consistent and more cost-effective than other delivery systems. Since no heat is used, the fragrance does not evaporate and fade. No sudden bursts of fragrance mean there are no residue films left behind on surfaces. The essential and aroma oils that provide the scents are released as a fine and dry mist that leaves no residue and does not evaporate quickly.


There are over one-hundred available scented oils from which to choose. These can be sold separately or in money saving bundle packs on the website. Scents can be placed in diffusers one at a time or can be combined to be diffused at varying intervals via programming, depending on the model and capability of the model selected. Prevent unpleasant odors from creeping into the home by maintaining a consistent scent of your choice.