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March 29, 2019

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Tips on Selecting an Appropriate Truck Driving Job

Driving is quite an integral skills to have. In the centuries when fuel powered vehicles didn’t exist, drivers were still considered key in driving carriages and chariots. Consequently, driving has stood the test of time. Now driving of trucks is a whole new ball game. You need to up your skillset for it, but once you do, you will be an in-demand individual. You could be a newcomer to the trade, who recently left truck driving school and are out for a job. Are you an experienced truck driver searching for new opportunities? So how exactly do you pick the right trucking company to work for? The tips found here in this article will guide your selection.

Foremost is the shipping company’s reputation. What emotions are evoked among former employees and clients once the company is mentioned? Check out their website and take a look through the human element in their content. Examine both good and bad reviews that the firm has gotten to help paint a picture of who you are dealing with. Equally, if you have some trucking buddies, you can consult them and get to hear their views about the firm in question. The information they give may help you make a choice early on.

Moreover, the employee turnover rate at the trucking firm should interest you. You need to get to know why the last person decided to leave. If the answers you get range from relocation to upward career movement then it’s sensible. Answers suggesting that the person moved to a competitor or they quit the profession shouldn’t leave you as calm and relaxed. High turnover rates will definitely point to a working environment with plenty of negativity.

Moreover, you can’t overlook what you are getting paid. After all, you are not working for free. When it comes to truck driving, you will often be paid as per distance covered. Alternatively, time could determine the way things go payment wise, e.g., per hour, but this will be solely influenced by experience amassed. This should then motivate you to know, beforehand, what other drivers are paid by the trucking company. Initial pay, scheduled pay rises, bonus pay and accessorial pay are all payment issues that need prior understanding. Bonus and accessorial pay can significantly add to your mileage pay.

Lastly, let’s talk about safety. A speeding truck is not actually everyone’s cup of tea, and so plenty of risks are present in this kind of work. Therefore, it is best to work for a trucking company that makes safety a priority. The presence of insurance and having consistently serviced trucks is what I’m talking about.

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