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March 29, 2019


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Tips for Buying a Water Glass Pipe

If you’re buying your first glass water pipe, it’s normal to find the task daunting. You have lots of choices to pick from and it can be hard to know where to start. But certainly, by heeding a few tips, the job can get easier.


First off, what style or design do you want? There’s a good range out there, from beaker to straight tube to recycler.

Beaker Water Pipes

This style creates more volume and less dense smoke, producing larger but harder to clear rips. Beaker water pipes are more stable than any other pipe designs as their base is wider and they provide more space for holding water. However, because of their width, cleaning can be a feat.

Straight Tubes

Straight tube glass water pipes give a dense smoke that easily clears. This gives you a more efficient way of smoking, with the smoke rising upwards in the tube, requiring little work from you, and the drag is quite minimal drag as well. Problem though is that they have smaller bases, which means it’s easier for them to tip over.


Because of their ability to recycle water, recyclers are usually used for concentrates. If you’re a beginner in terms of using glass water pipes, straight tubes or beaker pipes are better for you.

Thickness of the Glass

Why is the thickness of the glass water pipes important? Thicker glass will naturally last longer. But you also have to look into the immediate surroundings of the glass water pipe. Are you going to put it in just one spot? If so, thickness may not be that crucial. But if you intend to carry the glass water pipe around, the minimum thickness you should aim for is 3.55mm.

Getting a Percolator

There will be a lot for you to explore in terms of percolators. But of course, not all of them are created equal. There are some things you should look into before you choose which one is right for you. First up, the smoothness after filtration. Second is the drag it gives. If you’re a glass water pipe newbie, a percolator is not necessary, though it would be a nice accessory. But note that the chamber can become a lot more difficult to clean if you have too many percolators.

Glass water pipes have small but still noticeable differences among them, so it would be great to ask someone with expertise to help you buy one as a beginner. This is to make sure that you buy just the right type of pipe that will give you just the right experience.

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