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September 1, 2019


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How You can Care for the Waterways

The waterways may surely include any inland body of water like the ponds, streams, rivers or lakes. It is very important for the community to work on keeping a healthy waterway. This means that this should be free of pollutants so that they will not reach the beaches. Moreover, this can also add value to the property. This can also help to manage the flood risk. The residents and the property owners are certainly responsible when it comes to taking are of the private waterways.

It would also help when you choose the right plants. Having the right variety of plants surrounding the stream can help create shading and would also enhance the wildlife habitat. Also, this would help in holding back rainfall and soak the water into the ground as well. This can also make those banks a lot more stable and reduce the erosion. This would also help sustain the stream on the dry season. It is also very important to get rid of the weeds which can suffocate those native plants and also block the flow of the water.

You must also be working on reducing the erosion. Having well-placed rocks or those logs may certainly reduce erosion through slowing down the flow of that stream. Also, retaining those walls would do the opposite and this can make the flow faster and higher. The asphalt and the concrete would carry runoff into those waterways without holding back the pollutants.

It is also very important to prevent severe erosion. When this is happening around your waterway, then you may require engineering works requiring consent.

When you must build a fence for safety or you need to stop the cattle from entering the waterways, then it is best that you make use of wire fencing. You can use solid fencing such as brick or timber which can obstruct the flow of the water. You have to build the fence just parallel to the flow of water. When the fencing is running across that floodplain, ensure that water may flow through this.

It is also quite important that you keep those waterways clean and also free from the chemicals. Ensure that the waterway is really free of litter, fallen trees and also garden waste. You must not make use of fertilizers, detergents and also pesticides in the areas where they might flow going to the waterway.

There had been tremendous support among the residents to preserve, restore and protect the Virginia Beach waterways. Well, if you are interested to be a part of it, then you must work with Lynnhaven River NOW which is working with the businesses, the residents, the schools, faith communities and also the community leaders. Through everybody’s help, then there will surely be a clean and also healthy waterways. Being able to support their goals and missions can really be an investment in the community. For this reason, it would be a great thing that you become a part of it and help the community in a big way.

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