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July 30, 2020

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Choosing the Best Photographer for Your Dream Wedding

At this point in time, you may already have a band, a delicious cake, the dress you’ve been thinking of since childhood, and flowers that complement the theme but what is that one crucial element that will remain long after the wedding day? Photos should be the timeless and beautiful record of one of the most stunning days of your life. Hiring a Santorini wedding photographer may be an overwhelming process, but the tips below may help you navigate your way in the process.

Image Style and Quality

The first thing to catch your attention as you go from one Santorini wedding photographer to the next is the overall quality of their portfolio. Professional photographers should be more than able to offer a wide variety of styles for the bride and groom in capturing all their unique styles and personalities; the chosen style has to feature the happiness of the day with each and every shot. Clearly discuss the specific style that you want and ensure that the wedding photographer can actually provide that kind of portfolio.

In case you’re leaning more towards a specific photographer, don’t forget to view every image and not just the handful that you want in order to see if the quality is consistent. Be wary of photographers that offer varying techniques and styles in editing. If the images they show is heavily edited, there’s a huge chance that it will be the typical theme in the photography portfolio; heavy editing is an obvious attempt to cover poor image quality.


A lot of trust and faith is given to the Santorini wedding photographers, especially by the bride and groom. Getting top quality images and capturing the actual beauty of moments, it’s crucial that you’re actually comfortable with their presence. Trust your instincts, within the first few minutes of meeting them; either you feel a connection or rapport. Usually, first impressions are crucial and instances, where there’s a quick connection, is a positive thing. Feeling comfortable moving around and posing in front of the photographer actually shows in the photos; that’s why those that don’t listen to their gut end up being stiff in photos.

Apart from that, consider the guests. If the Santorini wedding photographer is friendly, approachable, and down to earth then guests, will be at ease in letting photographers blend at the moment and capture the event; the result will be far better than the staged and posed images. True smiles and laughter are impossible to fake so choose the photographer wisely. It’s highly recommended that to meet with photographers in person a few times before finalizing the booking.

Value for Cost and Money

For the majority of couples out there, the deciding factor in choosing photographers, or any service for that matter, would be the price or professional fee but this should not be the only deciding factor. Do take note that the highest quality do not always guarantee the best quality and budget-friendly prices do not equate to low quality all the time. The photographer of your choice has to give a wide variety of packages to suit the preferences of all their clients; pricing and styles have to be flexible.

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