Choose The Best Fit Quality Collet Racks

November 11, 2018


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Collet Racks

Collet racks are used in the industry for a very long time. These collet racks are used to hold collet chunks safely and securely.

Collet racks what Uratech manufacturers are made of cold rolled steel and powdered coated to avoid rusting. But there are many different types of collet racks available. They have specifications like ER, DA, TG and etc. In this article we are going to see about these specifications.

A Collet is a subtype of chuck that forms a collar around an object to be held and exerts a strong clamping force on the object when it is tightened, usually by means of a tapered outer collar. It may be used to hold a work piece or a tool. These collets are small in size, different varieties of collets were used for different tools, and hence a CNC or a VMC machine needs more collets in their workplace.

Due to its size and quantity scattering it in the workplace may make the area very clumsy. Whenever we are searching for those collets, it’s very hard to find all the things in the same place or there might be more opportunity for losing some or getting damaged.

For collecting these collet chunks there are tray like structures available in the market. Uratech too designs one such product called collet racks and we have some special unique features that make us to stand different in the market.

Most probably these collet racks simplifies the work and sets all the collet chunks in a single place for handling and cuts off its maintenance cost.


  • How does the name ER exists? The “ER” name came from an existing “E” collet (which was a letter series of names) which Rego-Fix modified and appended “R” for “Rego-Fix”, who developed this system and got patent for this.
  • The ER collet is well-suited only to cylindrical parts due to its geometric specifications, and not typically applied to square or hexagonal forms of collets.
  • It can hold any diameters ranging from its nominal size to its 1mm-smaller collapsed size.


  • Double Angled (DA) collet rack is another type of collet holder model according to the chunks specifications.
  • Provides a strong grip for most drilling, reaming, and tapping applications.


  • TG collets are highly efficient and more accurate, but a little expensive too.
  • More tool holders are available in ER style than TG. Both have about same TIR (single value for the runout) accuracy.
  • Yes TG collets can grip more than ER collets, 90% or the applications ER collets are more than strong enough.

Each of them differs in the range of mm to drill the accuracy. Collet rack is one such a beautiful invention to keep these effective collet chunks grouped in one rack, which makes it more efficient for the employers to access all the chunks in a single rack.