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January 14, 2019

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Where Digital Signage Applies

Signage was the most reliable way to present your products and services to the potential customer out there. But we now live at a time where people are more distracted by their phones to see what you have to show them. There has to be a renewal of the approach of signage, in the form of digital signage. There are several ways it can be made more effective.
You can start by bringing the media closer to the customers. When they come over to your store, you need to have plenty of screens for them to look at. It needs to be creatively and tastefully presented, to capture and sustain their attention. You need them to take a moment to look at what you have to offer. You need to also keep it fresh, by introducing new videos and graphics regularly. This shall complement your other efforts, such as promotions and friendly staff.
You can also engage your famous clients in the content. You only need to extend some free merchandise for them to agree to it. You can then use that contact also in your social media accounts for further outreach.
You also need to place the digital signage at strategic points. You need it to be out in the open and where they can see it. You should use them to tell your customers real stories. Once you capture their attention; you should not waste it on the usual sales pitches. Giving your brand a history gives it some depth and substance. You can also let them know about our processes and adherence to quality productions.
You shall discover more of an impact when you sensitize them about upcoming products. You can whet their appetites by talking about what you have in store for them in the upcoming shopping season. As people shop today, they worry about what they will use when the season changes. They need to know they can count on you to deliver when that time comes.
You can also use it to talk to those new to your business. You cannot assume everyone knows what it is you do. You may be looking at new visitors who you need to talk to immediately. There is no better place to do that. Make sure you keep it simple, interesting and clear.
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