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January 14, 2019

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Characteristics of a Good Mobile Phone for the Elderly

It is very important to have a cell phone these days. Individuals today communicate via cell phone instead of using the landline. With almost everyone using a mobile phone and services that power them, it is not surprising that the mobile phone industry have quickly become an industry worth billions of dollars. And we soon found many types of devices in the market created by mobile phone manufacturers that cater to people of different ages including the elderly.

A mobile phone for elderly was released which saw the potential of a senior citizen market for mobile phone service providers. This potential soon became a reality when mobile phone companies introduced phone designed for the elderly.

When these programs and mobile phones came out, it turned out that they are also beneficial to disabled persons. This is due to the fact that both groups suffer from similar ailments such as weak limbs and diminished senses . Here are some things that could help find the best mobile phone for seniors and the disabled.

What should characterize the ideal mobile phone for seniors? Their condition makes it ideal for them to have a simple mobile phone. Simple mobile phone do not have many features and are not difficult to use. A complicated hand set will have many instructions which might be too difficult for them to handle.

A cell phone with large keys is ideal for seniors. The fingers of senior citizens are already frail and their eyesight are weak so if they can dial by feel, then it is the best for their condition. Their frail fingers should be able to press the keys to dial. it would be important to have a wide space between keys so that they can easily choose the correct keys.

The ideal cell phone for seniors must have a large screen. With this, the elderly and disabled will be able to clearly see any information on the device easily. Fashionable and stylish phones have small keys which are not ideal for seniors. A mobile phone with a large font will enable seniors to see the letters and numbers on the screen.

The size of the cell phone should suit the elderly. The elderly will have a difficult time holding a small phone. They might easily drop it. Large phones would not be good either since it can be too heavy for their weak hands to carry. It is the elderly that can decide what the right size and weight that would suit them is.

The senior cellphone should also be durable. Most seniors drop their cell phones all the time and so it should be able to withstand this type of handling. Seniors are prone to dropping object so a good senior phone would be something that can still function even if it is dropped several times.

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