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How Influencer Marketing is Shaping the World of Marketing

The rise of influencers opened a new portal to discovering new markets and possibilities, which visionary marketers are taking advantage of. This has literally opened new means of interaction for brands and businesses. The world now is shifting to social media and there are increasing number of people who are looking at their fellow consumers in making informed decision of their orders.

Rather than looking at the company itself, they now rely on each other and at their favorite personality, which are influencers. What these influencers are doing is pooling all the people in their social media accounts regardless if it is YouTube, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and more.

You’re basically missing a bunch of opportunity if you’re a business and not considering the impact that an influencer marketing can bring. In the next lines you are going to discover some advantages of using influencers.

Number 1. Generate sales – if you’re going to observe closely, there are countless brands that are jumping to the bandwagon of working with influencers, why; because they can really generate sales. Right from the time when these influencers started talking about something, they almost immediately create sales. As per the followers and the length of campaign that these influencers have, they can boost the company’s sales by up to 50 or 100 percent in few weeks.

Number 2. Create good content – as per content creation, influencers are the kings and they can always deliver engaging and high quality piece of content. For both brands and businesses, this is music to their ears as they can have a user generated content from a third party source that is talking about their brand.

Number 3. Building brand awareness – brand and market awareness isn’t enough, what completes the formula is influencer marketing. While the influencers are proven to generate sales and leads, the brand awareness they’re building is unmatched in comparison to conventional PR strategies. Given in today’s ecommerce space and highly saturated market, it is more important to build brand awareness and boost exposure of your company.

Number 4. They’re a trusted voice – do you know that customers have more faith on the opinion and suggestions by their peers than the actual brand. And with this being said, your odds of becoming successful with your marketing strategy is higher when you partner with influencers.

Number 5. They have influence and authority – around 84 percent of consumers are able to come up with a decision on which product or service to purchase after reading about a service or product on blog. This is the true power of influencers, sharing their opinions and ideas on their social media accounts be it a YouTube channel, a blog or whatever.

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