Short Course on Designs – Getting to Square 1

April 3, 2019

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Super Tips for Choosing a Suitable Designer for your Graphics

Marketing and graphics have become almost a synonymous thing these days. Above the line or below the line marketing all need superior graphics. It is fundamental that you have good above par marketing materials so that your first impression will boost your chances from the get-go. Professionalism should be seen in your business cards, brochures and website. A true pro will help you construct an image that is worthy of your values and brand as a whole. Consequently, you need a graphic design agency. You will find that there are many graphic design companies around and hence a problem emerges. Think of it as walking into a perfume store where after the first few scents, your nose can barely tell the difference. However, don’t fret as this article will show you what to do.

Foremost is figuring out what role you play in the design. Basically, you need to outline the entire project to get a feel of what you need generally. Get to know what the project entails as this will be driven by the situation you find yourself in. Are you a startup with no idea where to start or a growing business that needs to reorganize its graphical work? At this point you need to set objective goals for the graphics work you want to be done. Map out the time you want to spend doing the said job and also set the budget.

Moreover, evaluate past works they have done. This is valuable as it enables you to figure out which graphic design is best for your project. People make the common error of looking only at the pictures on offer in the portfolio. The portfolio should be more about solving unique problems coupled now with the visuals. Assess the color, typography, line width, texture, shapes and their synchronization and space between content. Check the portfolio to see if the design agency has proper communication capabilities.

It is also shrewd to work with a graphic design agency with professional affiliations. These bodies normally ensure that the graphic designers stick to the set code in their work. For example, your graphic designer should not copy an image or typeface of another brand and try using it as a template as this will have legal implications. The oversight body makes sure scenarios like this don’t occur.

Finally, address two issues: versatility and the contract. The versatile nature here will be seen in the agency’s ability to offer marketing material ranging from printed stuff to website content. In contract issues, there is no one-size-fits-all perspective. In some cases, the graphic designer will want to retain the rights to the artwork they have created while there may not be the case for other parties. Basically, sort all legal issues out early enough.

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