The Essentials of Printing – The Basics

April 3, 2019

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Choosing a Screen Printing Company

Day to day, there are plenty of new companies popping up all over the Internet. But not all of them last. Some are beginners who thus have no substantial experience, yet they talk a great act. Problem is, without experience, they have cannot anticipate and handle issues before these can occur.

You will likely find them frantically putting out fires, concealing their mistakes. A number of these companies have neither a landline phone number or a brick-and-mortar address on their website. Dont you think their unbelievably low prices are fishy?

The story is so familiar: person finds cheap printers on the Internet, only to realize that they got exactly what they paid for. An outcome below par. It gets said many times, but yes, anything that sounds too good to be true, often are.

Another familiar scenario: client could not talk to printer for a week, and when he finally gets them on the line, they have the balls to sound annoyed. But it doesnt end there. Client asks to get his money back but this falls on deaf ears.

Choose a screen printing company that has an impressive reputation as well as an established background in the industry. If your work matters to you, put it in the hands of real experts who can give you excellent results without giving you a headache.

Screen printers will promise turnaround time that is unreasonably quick, considering they have to proof artwork and all other materials before they start printing.

This is a strategy used by shady printers just to get you in the front door, and once youre inside, theyll sing a different tune.

Its necessary to get every single detail in order, so let them give you an honest turnaround date in writing. Otherwise, its all a game and youre on the losing end.

When you need to print promotional hats, aprons, flyers and the like, do you scramble to find a good vendor for each of those items, or a single vendor that takes care of everything? Its easy to see which option is smarter. It saves you time and stress, which, in business, more or less translates to saving money. The good news is, such companies are out there. Picking a vendor that provides various printing services can make a huge difference for you in terms of project management.

Finally, before actually bringing a screen printer on board, compare it with two or three others. This will help you see whether the one youre hiring is indeed the right one for you.

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